Businesses of Bureau of Waterworks

Tokyo Waterworks Management Plan 2013

The process of drawing up

The Bureau of Waterworks of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has drawn up the "Tokyo Waterworks Management Plan 2013" as the new management plan, with a gestation period of 3 years from fiscal year 2013 to fiscal year 2015.
The plan, based on the viewpoints of objective management and putting importance on achievement, intends to provide a clear vision of a business plan and fiscal plan for measures to be worked on during the 3 year period by paying heed to the wide range of opinions presented in the expert meeting in order to fulfil the responsibility of providing Tokyoites (Tokyo residents) with an explanation.
Ever since the water supply started in 1898, Tokyo Waterworks has been supporting everyday life of the people of Tokyo as well as the urban activities of the capital city Tokyo.
However, we have many issues here such as ever-increasing needs of customers for safe, better tasting water, retained water sources having problems of being vulnerable to drought, increase in the importance of countermeasures against earthquake with the imminence of an epicentral earthquake being indicated, needs for sweeping measures for the reduction of environmental burdens against a background of global environmental issues, etc.
Under such background, we need to build up a more reliable waterworks system to expand high-quality water services in order to execute the mission as a lifeline supporting the metropolitan city of Tokyo.
Taking over the history and tradition handed down from generation to generation, the Tokyo Waterworks Bureau will make all efforts to provide safer and steadier water services for customers.

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