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Water Supply in Tokyo



Since the waterworks in Tokyo started to supply water from the Yodobashi purification plant in 1898 (Meiji 31) as a modern waterworks, we have been implementing measures to secure water resources and improve and expand our facilities to provide a consistent, stable supply of clean water. As a result, the waterworks in Tokyo today has evolved into one of the largest facilities in the world with the highest level of technology.
On another front, when you look around the world, the securement of safe drinking water is still an important issue in developing countries since there are 660 million people who do not have access to safe drinking water. The water issue is expected to escalate due to the prospective increase in the demand for water from population growth and economic development. Furthermore, for such issues as climate change, which should be jointly handled by all countries, the waterworks industry faces the urgent need for international cooperation. In addition, the activities for internationalization with regard to waterworks have intensified as the international standard for water and sewerage was issued by the ISO.
In response to these circumstances, the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau has identified the need for project development through more active international cooperation and from an international perspective. Consequently, this English summary of the business was prepared to inform people outside Japan about the projects of the Tokyo Waterworks, our current issues and efforts for the future, information on our technical capabilities that have been succeeded, and newly developed technologies. We hope this brochure will help you understand the waterworks projects in Tokyo and will be used as a trigger for the exchange of information on the development of waterworks management overseas and in Tokyo.

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