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I would like to know more about “waterworks”.

Q; I would like to know how much water is being stored in dams.

A; At the Bureau of Waterworks, to heighten citizens’ awareness of the importance of saving water, and to respond to their growing concern about water sources, we now push the daily volume of water in our dams on our website.

Today's totals of water held in dams can be found here.

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Q; Which water purification plant does my water come from?

A; In order that you can safely drink water taken from rivers and dams without needing to worry about anything, we carry out purification of that water at our water purification plants. There are 11 water purification plants in Tokyo, and in the course of a single day they purify a total of 6,860,0000 cubic tons of water. Water is delivered to each customer’s home from these water purification plants via water supply stations.

Information about the areas serviced by each water purification plant can be found here.

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Q; If I am unable to use the water supply during a disaster, where should I go to get water?

A; The Bureau of Waterworks has set at least 1 Emergency Water Supply Station (Water Supply Point) within a radius of 2km from each resident. In order to secure drinking water at the time of earthquake or other natural disasters, these water stations have been set as close as possible to our customers. In Tokyo there are over 200 Emergency Water Supply Stations (Water Supply Points), including Emergency Water Storage Tanks and Purification Plants/Water Supply Stations, securing about 1 million ㎥ of drinking water in all. This amount can fill a 25m pool 2000 times.

For the nearest water supply point to you see here → Emergency Water Stations

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Q; A salesperson selling domestic water filters visited my home. Does the Bureau of Waterworks carry out door to door sales?

A; The Bureau of Waterworks does not engage in any direct sales of domestic water filters or water supply equipment whatsoever, nor do we commission others to do so on our behalf.
Also, we do not conduct water quality or leak inspections, except at the request of our customers.
Recently, many cases have occurred of people posing as Bureau of Waterworks staff to convince people to buy domestic water filters. If you are suspicious, request the individual to show their staff identification number or contact the service station responsible for your contract

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