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My water supply has been cut off.

Q; Why has the Bureau of Waterworks stopped it?

A; The majority of customers pay their water charges within the time limit specified. However some customers fail to pay their charges even after receiving repeated reminders.
The Bureau of Waterworks service stations try hard to get customers to pay as soon as possible by sending individual warnings and reminders, however the costs required to do so have been increasing considerably.
Our water supply business is carried out on the basis of the payment of fees we receive from customers, and we also want to treat all customers equally. So when dealing with customers who have not paid their charges, as a general rule we will cut off their water supply.

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Q; My water supply has been cut off. I will pay at the end of the month, so please restart it.

A; After your water supply is cut off, we are unable to reconnect you until you have paid the entire amount of money owing.
Also, if you still do not pay after your water service is suspended, we will cancel your contract and require you to pay the full amount of charges owing by the date of cancellation.

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Q; My water service has been cut off, but if I pay the charges, will you reconnect it straight away?
Also, I am working so I can’t go to one of your offices to pay the outstanding charges. What should I do?
  • For customers living in the 23 wards of Tokyo
    If we receive your payment at a customer service window at one of our service stations in the 23 wards of Tokyo, by 5 p.m. on a weekday, we will reconnect your water supply by the end of that day.
    If you are unable to make your payment at the customer service window of any of our service stations in the 23 wards of Tokyo, please contact the service station responsible for your contract.
  • For customers living in the Tama district
    Please inquire at the relevant department responsible for water service.

For details of which service stations to contact see here.

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