Water Supply in Everyday Life

You can check water leaks !

Although a leak may start out with just some dripping it will worsen day by day.This means not only a waste of our valuable water resources, but also higher water bills for you. Please be sure to find and fix all leaks as quickly as possible.

How can I find and prevent water leaks?
If the pilot in the water meter is turning round even when water is not in use, there may be a leak. Please check the following points for leaks and immediately repair them.

Checkpoints How to find water leaks How to prevent water leaks
Faucet Water starts to leak with a slow drip. When the tap becomes hard to turn off, do not use force. Please repair in timely manner.
Flush toilet Water is running when toilet is not being flushed. Please get in the habit of checking before use.
Water receiving tank The motor of the pump is moving even when the water is not being used. Check the leaks from pipes ahead of the tank.
Water is overflowing from a tank. Install an alarm.
Walls containing water pipes The wall around pipes is wet. Check the outside walls of your residence from time to time.
Ground surface around buried pipes The ground is wet near buried pipes. Do not place items on the ground over buried pipes so that you can easily spot water leaks at all times.
Drainage box Clean water is always flowing. Frequently remove the lid, and check.

Leaks From Flash Toilets


Leaks From Flash Toilets(Fig-1)

*When the water doesn't stop running, close the stop valve with a screwdriver etc. as an emergency measure.

Detect the reasons for leaks!

Leaks From Flash Toilets(Fig-2)

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