Water Supply in Everyday Life

Requests to repair leaks or broken pipes

・The green arrow marked Arrow in the diagram below indicates the section to be managed by the user or owner of the building. However, repair of leaks in the section between the distribution pipe and the meter, indicated by the red arrow marked Arrowin the diagram below, will, with certain exceptions, be carried out by the Bureau of Waterworks. As a result you will normally only be responsible for repairing leaks that occur in the section between the meter and the house, as indicated by the green arrow marked Arrowin the diagram below.



[Leaks that the Bureau of Waterworks will not repair even if they are within its area of responsibility]

  • Leaks further than 1m from the boundary line of the street, where the pipe diameter is 50mm or greater.
  • Leaks further than 1m from the boundary line of the street, in service pipes on publicly managed facilities.
  • Leaks in distribution pipes inside buildings.
  • Leaks whose cause can be attributed to damage from construction work.
  • Leaks whose repair would require transplanting of trees, breaking up thick concrete, or excavation and restoration of the surface using specialized heavy machinery.

・Repairs of leaks downstream from a water meter located inside a residential property are the responsibility of the customer. For further details please contact the Customer Service Center.

Things to be aware of when requesting repairs (within the customers area of responsibility)

・Repairs of waterworks infrastructure are carried out under contracts between individual customers and water pipe plumbers (waterworks plumbers) designated by the Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In order to avoid trouble after the repairs have been completed, please carefully observe the following precautions!

1 Please explain the current situation and content of the desired repair work, carefully and thoroughly, to the waterworks plumber in advance of the repairs.

2 Try to obtain estimates from some waterworks plumbers and carefully evaluate the contents.
* In some cases estimates may require payment of a fee, so be careful to check this with the waterworks plumber before receiving the estimate.

3 Make sure to get a sufficiently thorough explanation from the waterworks plumber of the contents of the work that will be carried out, all costs, and any follow-up services available, before repair work commences.

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