Public Relation

Dissemination by AR (Augmented Reality)

Bureau of Waterworks implements public relations by using AR (Augmented Reality). The objective of public relations is to develop customers’ deeper understanding and familiarity on waterworks. By using AR, you can take photos with Suiteki-kun (a water drop mascot for Bureau of Waterworks) by smartphones and watch animation of waterworks.

  • How to use AR?
    You can watch various contents such as images, videos, 3D which is related to its maker, etc. by reading the registered image as “AR marker” with launched exclusive App through your smartphones.
    <Example of using AR>
    By reading this AR marker, you can take pictures like this.
    *The images are updated appropriately.
    IMAGE:AR-CUBE Examples
  • What is exclusive application?
    If you would like to use AR like above example, you need to download “ARcube” App which is provided by PRAGE, Inc. Please download free of charge App “ARcube” through “Google Play Store” or “iTunes App Store”. *There will be communication charge, etc. to download App and contents.
    <Android version>

    <ios version>

    (Availability period by 31st March 2019)

    If you find AR markers from leaflets, posters, pamphlets, etc., issued by Bureau of Waterworks, please try various contents. All you need to do is to just wave your smartphones which “ARcube” is launched.

  • Notes
    • (1) It might not work properly, depending on types of smartphones or tablets.
    • (2) You might feel difficulties to watch videos due to communication conditions.
    • (3) Contents will not be displayed due to unreadable AR markers in case of the flowing situations:
          1) Your smartphones are too near or far from AR markers.
          2) Extreme oblique to read.
          3) AR markers reflect lights oppositely.
          4) AR markers are bended or not printed properly.
    • (4) There will be communication charge, etc. to download App and contents.


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