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Okutama Mizu-to-Midori-no-Fureaikan
(Water and Green Museum)

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  • Due to COVID-19 preventive measures, the Okutama Mizu-to-Midori-no-Fureaikan has been temporarily closed. Unfortunately, we will be extending our closure period as the following.
  • <Closure Period>
  • ・December 23 (Wednesday), 2020 to March 7 (Sunday), 2021.
  • (Extended from February 7 (Sunday), 2021)

Where does water come from?
Why can we get water whenever we turn on the faucet?
Where does a river start?
What is a Green Dam?
What kind of place is Okutama?
What kind of animals live there?

“Okutama Mizu-to-Midori-no-Fureaikan” is a place to rediscover water, greenery, and Okutama.
It is a place to consider a better relationship between man and nature, the city,
and water source areas.


General Information

Opening Hours 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Day Closed Wednesday(if Wednesday is a holiday, the following day),
Year-end and New Year holidays(December 28 to January 4)
Admission Free
Location 5 Hara, Okutama Town, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 198-0223
FAX +81-(0)428-83-2731
  *Do not eat and drink in the museum. Eating and Drinking is allowed on the 2nd floor at the Panorama Restaurant and Panorama Shop.
*There is a restaurant on the second floor. Menu(PDF)(PDF1.60MB)
*Do not smoke in the museum.
*Please take your trash home with you.



Homeland of water
Trip to History and Culture
 We introduce the history, folk culture, and nature of Okutama with exhibits and images. Many cultural assets such as Kashima Dance which is a Country Designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property are exhibited. And you can touch various kinds of woods in the exhibition.
Water is born
The Secret of Green Dam
 You can experience the secrets of the water conservation forest. In the wooden ball pool, you can learn a mechanism that the water conservation forest stores water. We also introduce our efforts to protect the valuable water conservation forest.
Water Collects
Ogouchi Dam and Nature
 The secrets of “Ogouchi Dam” and the surrounding rich nature are introduced with images. First of all, you can see the changing seasons of Okutama. In the theater, the museum’s mascot, “Kurin”, explains a mechanism and roles of “Ogouchi Dam” with diorama and images.
Water Shines
Okutama 3D Theater
 You can enjoy the exciting 3D film that shows “Ogouchi Dam”, nature and culture of Okutama. The museum’s mascot, “Kurin”, shows you around. This will take about 13 minutes.
Water Spreads
The Long Journey of Water
 You can experience the journey of water with the museum’s mascot, “Kurin”, and think about water-related problems. You can experience how water is being used with the rolling ball and images.

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