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Intake Towers of Kanamachi Purification Plant

Intake Towers of Kanamachi Purification Plant

 In August 1926, Kanamachi Purification Plant has started supplying water as a facility of “The Association of Edogawa Towns & Villages Water Supply”. The water supply district included 12 towns and villages of 3 counties, which at the time was Minami Katsushika, Minami Adachi, and Kita Toshima. Since taken over by the city of Tokyo in 1932, it has undergone number of expansions and improvement constructions. Also in 1992, it started operating an advanced water treatment which combines ozonation and biologically activated carbon for the first time in Tokyo. It is located 1km south of Kanamachi Station of JR Joban Line, and 17km upstream of the Edogawa River estuary. There are famous historical sites such as Shibamata Taishakuten and Yagiri-no-Watashi nearby.
 The two intake towers at the right bank of the Edogawa River intake water from the surface of the river, and convey it into Kanamachi Purification Plant.The Second Intake Tower with red triangular roof made of bricks was built in 1941. It appeared in the famous movie series “ Otoko Wa Tsuraiyo (It’s hard being a man)” and the song of the anime “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen Mae Hashutsujo”, and its adorable design is popular as a local symbol.

General Information

Name Intake Towers of Kanamachi Purification Plant
Overview Second Intake Tower right bank upstream side of the Edogawa River (Triangular Roof)
Third Intake Tower right bank downstream side of the Edogawa River (Dome shaped Roof)
Location/Access 1-1 Kanamachi Jyosuijo, Katsushika City/ 15-minute walk from JR Joban Line “Kanamachi” Station, right bank of the Edogawa River

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