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The Landmarks of Tokyo Waterworks

Murayama and Yamaguchi Reservoirs
(Lake Tama and Lake Sayama)

Murayama and Yamaguchi Reservoirs (Lake Tama and Lake Sayama)

 Murayama Reservoir (Lake Tama) and Yamaguchi Reservoir (Lake Sayama) are earth dam reservoirs that are built using the Sayama Hills, which stretches across Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture.
 Murayama Reservoir is divided into Upper Murayama Reservoir on the west side (upstream) and Lower Murayama Reservoir on the east side (downstream). Yamaguchi Reservoir is connected with the neighboring Murayama Reservoir by connecting pipes, and operated as one. It stores the Tama River water withdrawn from Ozaku Intake Weir as well as Hamura Intake Weir, and conveys water to the Higashi Murayama and Sakai Purification Plant.
 With these dams, you can enjoy the abundance of rich nature throughout the seasons; The Okutama mountain views, sakura cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves, and bird watching.
 The first Intake Tower of Lower Murayama Reservoir has a heavyweight designed dome roof and tiled exterior wall with arch windows as an accent. This building is well-known as one of the “Tokyo’s Selected Historical Landmarks”, and is popular as the symbol of the reservoir.

General Information

Name Upper and Lower Murayama Reservoirs (Lake Tama)
The Yamaguchi Reservoir (Lake Sayama)
  • Upper Murayama Reservoir
    Completed: March 1924
    Type: Earth Dam, 1 Intake Tower
    Height of Dam: 24.24m
    Length of Dam: 318.2m
    Available Storage Capacity: 2,983,000m3
  • Lower Murayama Reservoir
    Completed: March 1927
    ( Reinforcement of the dam completed in Nov. 2008)
    Type: Earth Dam, 2 Intake Towers
    Height of Dam: 34.5m
    Length of Dam: 610.0m
    Available Storage Capacity: 11,843,00m3
  • Yamaguchi Reservoir
    Completed: March 1934 (Reinforcement of the dam completed in November 2002)
    Type: Earth Dam, 2 Intake Towers
    Height of Dam: 33.9m
    Length of Dam: 716.0m
    Available Storage Capacity: 19,528,000m3
  • Upper Murayama Reservoir   6-2226 Tamako, Higashi-Yamato City
  • Lower Murayama Reservoir   4-664 Tamako, Higashi-Yamato City
    16-minute walk from Seibu Tamako Line “Musashi Yamato Station”
  • Yamaguchi Reservoir 25-2 Shourakuji, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture
    15-minute walk from Seibu Tamako Line “Seibukyujo-mae Station”

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