Water Quality and Water Resources

About advanced water purification treatment

Pursuing safety and deliciousness with advanced water purification!

Advanced water purification is a water purification treatment that utilizes the strong oxidizing power of ozone and the adsorption function of biological activated carbon in addition to the normal water purification treatment.
   Until now, it was not possible to remove trace amounts of trihalomethanes, unpleasant odors and organic matter remaining in water.But because it can be almost eliminated We are now able to deliver safer and tastier water.

Achieved 100% advanced water purification treatment at all water purification plants in the Tonegawa system

Since starting the development of advanced water purification facilities at the Kanamachi Water Purification Plant in 1989,As a result of the sequential  introduction to water purification plants in the Tonegawa system, we achieved  advanced water 100% purification  in October 2013 after a quarter of a century.

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