Water Quality and Water Resources

Storing and Saving Water

Things to be aware of when storing water are here

The Bureau of Waterworks is always asking for your cooperation in storing water to prepare for a major disaster.

In the event of an earthquake or other large scale disaster, you can expect to encounter blackouts and the sudden inability to access the water supply. But even then, if you have stored water in preparation for such an event you can rest easy because you will have access to water for your immediate needs. Please make a habit of storing water for emergency use.

Saving water

At the Bureau of Waterworks, the water we collect from rivers and other water sources, undergoes treatment at purification plants to make the water clean, and then is pumped under pressure to deliver it to you. That process uses a lot of electricity.

Roughly 70% of the water used in Tokyo in any one day is consumed by households. For that reason, by saving water, your family can make a big contribution to saving power, so we would like to ask for your cooperation in saving water.

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