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A1-HRD (Asian Waterworks Utilities Network of Human Resources Development)

What is A1-HRD

 A1-HRD, officially called Asian Waterworks Utilities Network of Human Resources Development, is an initiative launched in 2007 by the Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

 The initiative helps to bring waterworks utilities in Asian cities together to exchange information and knowhow on personnel development, with the aim of contributing to the increase of waterworks skill levels throughout Asia. Our abbreviated name (A1-HRD) comes from the first letter of each word (A WUN HRD). As the pronunciation of WUN is similar the number 1, we have used the abbreviated name A1-HRD.

 The name also includes a concept of becoming "No.1 in Asia through a personnel development network!"

A1-HRD Brochure (PDF1,078KB)
A1-HRD Membership Policy Approved on the 28th of October,2015 (PDF242KB)


What's NEW

November 2020
Report of the 13th meeting on line(PDF489KB)
September 2019
Report of the 12th meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand (PDF405KB)
September 2018
Report of the 11th meeting held in Tokyo (PDF319KB)
November 2017
Report of the 10th meeting held in Taiwan (PDF464KB)


Member Organizations

・Office of Waterworks, Seoul Metropolitan Government (South Korea)
・K-water (South Korea)
・Taipei Water Department (Taiwan)
・Taiwan Water Corporation (Taiwan)
・Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (Thailand)
・Ho Chi Minh city college of construction (Vietnam)
・Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Japan)
・Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Bangladesh)


The Network is seeking new participating water utility organizations, and also your input.


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