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Project Development

Project Development by Tokyo Waterworks

Tokyo Waterworks utilizes the technological capabilities and know-how it has cultivated thus far,
in collaboration with private sector companies and using official development assistance (ODA), to promote international cooperation with the goal of solving water problems around the world.
Specifically, we are utilizing the know-how of the policy collaboration organization policy collaboration organizationTokyo Water Co., Ltd. to contribute to the improvement of water supply conditions in cities abroad by getting involved in technical cooperation projects and infrastructure development and operation projects.

Project Profiles

Yangon, Myanmar Technical Cooperation Project in Yangon, Myanmar

Project Name The Project for Improvement of Water Supply Management of YCDC
Project Details Guidance on water supply management, non-revenue water management, and water quality management
Project Period June 2015 - June 2021
Project Costs Approx. 800million yen

The city of Yangon, Myanmar is developing its waterworks facilities using ODA yen loans. In order to ensure sustainable water supply service, it is necessary to enhance the organizational ability of the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) in parallel with facility development.
In order to improve the waterworks business management ability of YCDC, a JICA techinical cooperation project is underway along with the ODA yen loans. This project is being undertaken in collaboration with private sector companies from Japan, including Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.
We are cooperating with the Fukuoka City government as support committee members to provide advice on tis project and give presentations at seminars in Myanmar. In 2017, we accepted visiting trainees in Japan, and conducted lectures, as well as tours of Tokyo Waterworks facilities.


Non-Revenue Water Countermeasures Redcution Project in Yangon, Myanmar

Project Name

The Project of Reduction of Non-Revenue

Water in Mayagone Townshi in Yangon City

Project Details Leakage investigation, water pipe replacement and repair, water meter replacement and installation, etc.
Project Period 2016 - 2022(Plan)
Project Costs Approx. 1.8billion yen

In Yangon, demand for tap water is increasing along with population growth and economic development. As water sources are developed, there is an urgent need to address the problem of non-revenue water, which is to say water that does not provide revenue, caused by leakages and other issues.
Therefore, we are conducting a non-revenue water countermeasures project in certain area of Yangon, using grants from Japan.
In this project, we are using Japanese equipment and materials to provide technical guidance in Myanmar, while also conducting leakage surveys, and replacing water pipes and water meters.
We also plan to conduct separate maintenance projects using funds from Yangon, starting in areas where infrastructure development is first completed.


JICA Partnership Program in Labuan, Malaysia

Project Name The Training and Capacity Building Project of "Water Supply Control and NRW Management Technology" in Malaysia
Project Details We conducted technical cooperation through technical guidance providing equipment to improve the ability of Labuan Waterworks staff using SCADA* to control water supply and reduce non-revenue water
Project Period August 2017 - March 2020
Project Costs Approx. 52 million yen

*SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition): System that uses computers to monitor and control factory and infrastructure equipment.

Labuan Island in Malaysia was struggling with a high rate of non-revenue water. A JICA Partnership Program was done here, 2017 to 2020.
This project was jointly implemented by private sector companies from Japan, including Tokyo Water Co., Ltd., based on a project proposal from Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government to JICA.
Through this project, we provided technical cooperation via technical guidance and providing equipment, aimed at improving the ability of Labuan Waterworks as it relates to using SCADA to control water supply and reduce non-revenue water.
Tokyo Waterworks accepted trainees from Malaysia in Japan in 2018 and 2019, conducting training sessions and providing facility tours.

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