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Trainings in Japan

Overview of Training in Japan

At the request of JICA and other agencies, Tokyo Waterworks accepts trainees from abroad, and conducts a wide variety of trainings on fields such as water leak prevention technology, water purification technology, and water quality management technology, which we count among our greatest strengths.
In each of these fields, we conduct lectures, as well as facility tours of water purification plants, and practical training using the field at our Training and Technical Development Center. Instructors for this training are experienced staff members who have worked in the waterworks operations of Tokyo Waterworks for many years.

Trainee Acceptance Record

We have accepted more than 1,400 trainees from abroad in the 5 years from 2015 to 2019.
By region, we received many trainees from China, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and other countries in Asia, accounting for about half of our total trainees.

the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition (Tokyo)


Examples of Trainee Acceptance

Country Training Menu Place
(Sep. 30, 2019)
( Material selection of water pipe )
( Purification plant using underground water )
・TMG Building
・Purification Plant
(Jan. 22nd - 28th, 2020)
・Lecture, Practical training(Leakage detection)
・Inspection ( Customer service center )
・Inspection ( Purification plant )
・The Training and Technical Development Center
・Customer service center
・Purification plant
JICA Knowledge Co-creation Program
(Jan. 27th - Feb. 7th, 2020)
・Lecture, Practical training
(Leakage detection)
・Business matching
( Introduction of Japanese Companies )
The Training and Technical Development Center   etc.

Practical training of leakage detection

Scene of business matching

 We also conduct on line trainings.

Training Courses

 See our training courses here(PDF30KB).

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